Anonymous said: Your a douche

Omg beautiful anonymous person. I love you soo much like romeo and juliet love 💑 come here let me kiss you 😚😚😚

Anonymous said: Selfie selie selfie??!!

Aww anon have you got a crush on me tehe 😉 like four of these with same end to it 😚 but no selfies anon. Dont like the way I looks and I havent been hitting da gym much another time. 💜 u

Anonymous said: Who are they?

idk I might have a super bizarre opinion on this but I honestly find it disrespectful if I publically said I like this person. I think its disrespectful to them. Sorry anon

Anonymous said: Who did you used to like? Why don't you like them anymore?

I kinda liked two people but in a way I didn’t was super weird and strange to me. But I honestly have to much going on with my life atm so it basically went away. Idk anon its hard to explain 😐

Anyone wanna talk or stuff? And like we can be pals and talk and laugh and stuff

Anonymous said: Can we see a selfie ??

As much as id love to anon no dice on that request sorry grey shades man

Anonymous said: Who do you like?

No one any more 😆😆😆

Anonymous said: I hate you 😂

I love you 💜. Those cool shades you wear your style and your cute as a button look all of it. You have so much style im jelly of you grey shade wearing ways. Gosh I wuv you